LIVE 6” Hanging Pot -String of Bananas l Trailing Succulent l Senecio Radicans


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You will receive a String of Bananas in the pot like pictures shown.

Light πŸ’‘

πŸ”˜ String of Bananas or Senecio Radicans require bright, direct light when grown indoors. Choose a location that receives at least six hours of sunlight throughout the day. String of bananas do well under grow lights as well if needed. If kept outdoors, they like bright indirect light.

Water πŸ’§

πŸ”˜ Keep plants moist until established, then water only when the soil is dry during hotter months. In cool months, water these less frequently and allow the soil to stay dry for a week or maybe 2 before watering.

🚨Shipping πŸ›»

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