LIVE Lightly Rooted Dorotheanthus- Mezoo Trailing Red l Variegated Baby Sun Rose l Cuttings


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🌱 You will receive the size pot of Dorotheanthus you choose. The Dorotheanthus you receive will be similar if not exact as pictures shown. If you choose just a cutting it will be 4 inches in length.

* If leaves are droopy when you receive, please allow at least 1-2 weeks for your plant to recover from shipping after being in a dark box. 🙂

Lighting 💡

🔘🔘 Dorotheanthus do like full sun (6+ hours). During winter, bring your Dorotheanthus indoors as it can’t be in weather below 50 degrees.


🔘Dorotheanthus- 'Mezoo Trailing Red' tolerates poor soil, heat, and drought. Prefers light, sandy soil. Allow soil to dry completely in between thorough waterings.

🚨Shipping 🛻

🔘I am not responsible once your package is no longer in my hands. I pack all my plants with love and care! Please be aware shipping delays do happen.

🥶 I do not offer any cold protection at the moment so please take that into consideration when ordering.

🔘If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact me within 24 hours of delivery.


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Cuttings arrived packages well. They’re already peeking up after being shipped. Looking forward to seeing this beauty grow.

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